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 Borrow or lend

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PostSubject: Borrow or lend   Tue 7 Mar - 10:35

Fill in the words borrow or lend into the gaps.

Example: I ____ her my ruler.
Answer: I lend her my ruler.

1. Could you ____ me some money, please?
2. Some pupils can ____ books from their school.
3. Will you ____ me your umbrella till tomorrow?
4. Should I ____ him my football?
5. You may ____ my bike, but be careful.
6. Could I ____ your cup?
7. You can ____ your book to Steve.
8. Why do students ____ so much money from their parents?
9. Peter won't ____ his car to anyone.
10. Will your mother ____ you some money?

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Borrow or lend
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