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 Suffixes Beginning With Vowels - Review

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PostSubject: Suffixes Beginning With Vowels - Review   Mon 20 Mar - 15:01

Add the correct suffix to the italicized word in each sentence. The first two are done for you.

1. You will not be permit to swim with the sharks! (ed, er) permitted

2. The plane is depart at noon. (ing, ish) departing

3. Football is a very excite sport. (est, ing)

4. The doctor gave her an inhale to help her breathe. (en, er)

5. Your opinion is certainly debate. (able, ist)

6. This is the big SUV ever manufactured. (er, est)

7. The colonists rebel against the king. (ed, ish)

8. You did a very fool thing! (ish, able)

9. The scarecrow is deter the crows from eating our corn. (er, ing)

10. The old road has to be repave. (ed, ing)

Good luck queen

The only magic is perseverance
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Suffixes Beginning With Vowels - Review
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