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 Comprehension text n° 6

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PostSubject: Comprehension text n° 6   Thu 23 Feb - 8:44

Pollution 1

The environmental outlook for the future is mixed. In spite of economic and political changes, interest in and concern about the environment remains high. Air quality has improved in some areas in the developed world but has deteriorated in many developing countries. Problems of heavy air pollution still require solutions and concerted action. Water pollution will remain a growing problem as increasing human populations put additional stress on the environment. Growing demand for water will bring agricultural, industrial and urban use of water into conflict. This shortage will force water usage restrictions and will increase the cost of water consumption. Water could become the ‘energy crisis’ of the current century. Without concerted efforts to save habitats and reduce the illegal worldwide wildlife trade, many species will become extinct. In spite of our knowledge of how to reduce soil erosion, it continues to be a worldwide problem. Finally, the destruction of wild lands could result in massive extinctions of animal and plant life. To reduce environmental degradation and for humanity to save its habitat, societies must recognize that the environment is finite. Environmentalists believe that, as populations and their demands increase, the idea of continuous growth must give way to a more rational use, sustainable exploitation of the environment, but this can be accomplished only by a dramatic change in the attitude of the human species. Whatever a society’s attitude may be towards continuous growth, humanity should recognize that the human attack on the environment threatens our survival.

A . Are these sentences ‘true’ or ‘false’? Justify your answer.

Most people do not care about the environment.
It is absolutely inevitable that many species of wild animals will die.
Mankind’s current treatment of the environment cannot continue if we are to survive.

B . Answer these questions.

How should mankind’s attitude to the environment change according to the writer?
Why could water become an ‘energy crisis’?

C . Find in the text words that mean the same as …

has become worse
flora and fauna

D . What do the underlined words in the text refer to?

our (§ 2)
it (§ 2)
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Comprehension text n° 6
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