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 Love What is it all about ?

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PostSubject: Love What is it all about ?   Sun 23 Apr - 19:39

Hello my friends; sunny

When people talk about "LOVE" they suddenly become poets. In fact they are just saying things they don't understand. What is love after all? Nobody can answer this question.
Is it an emotion?
Is it a feeling?
Is it a phychological trance-like case?
What it is in reality ???
Some poets described it so beautifully that almost all the readers seem not to be loved enough as it should be!

What's the difference between "I love you!" and "You love me!" ?
One of the two is more egotistic, the other is rather masochistic. In both cases love is the victim because it is manipulated by abnormal people!!!

When you read the following definitions of love, you can see how many faces love has. It is not love which is multifaceted. On the contrary, They are our views which give it this diversity. But love is eventually One; only hearts are able to express yet not to articulate. Once the tongues interfere between the heart and love, hypocrisy governs the relationship between the Lovers.

Devoted, affectionate, admirer, fond, sensitive, sentient ... are words which try hard to hount the castle of love but in vain because the castle is inpenetrable. Those who seem to talk about love as experts are just sitting in the lower step of the castle's threshold.

Consider The following:

Love is a crime which requires an accomplice.
Love is an outlaw. It is always "WANTED".
Love is a droplet of snow. It starts tiny at the summit, but it ends Colossal at the bottom.
Love is a college in which lovers are taught how to enter forbidden zones without being detected.
Love is sung in consert under spotlights and made in complete darkness.
Love is a lion that no one can intimidate .. except hunger!.
Love is a story not to be told twice.
Love is one but it takes different shapes.
Love is cold-blood; it needs a lot of human "Heat" to act.
Love is a tree. The bigger it is, the larger its shadow will get.
Love is a clock that needs to be permanently winded up so as not to stop "tic-tac"_ing.
Love is a stranger. When you invite it "home", it soon becomes a member of the "family".
Love is bigger than a catastrophe when it is "left-handed"
Love is the only apparent enemy of hatred and ... money!.
Love is not love unless it comes in a ravaging flood of sentiments.
Love is a nuclear reactor. It emits huge energy before it explodes.


Love has never been a rose that its thorns sting the Heart. (Roses are supposed to wither very quickly)

Taken from Abdeslami on line site[/b]

Good luck in love flower

The only magic is perseverance
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Love What is it all about ?
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