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 Test 4

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PostSubject: Test 4   Fri 9 Feb - 3:43


ARMY boss General Sir Michael Jackson spoke of his disgust last night at the pictures of British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners.

The Chief of the General Staff led the chorus of anger against the troops allegedly involved and declared: "They're not fit to wear the Queen's uniform." He said a probe was underway into the claims and pledged immediate action if any soldier is found guilty. Tony Blair praised the Army's swift response. But Arab sources feared the pictures would destroy the good relationship British soldiers had with locals in Basra.

General Jackson said: "I am aware of the allegations which have been made of the abuse of prisoners by British soldiers in Iraq. "If proven, not only is such appalling conduct clearly unlawful, but it also contravenes the Army's high standards. All allegations are under investigation. "Most emphatically, the British Army should not be judged by the reprehensible ill-discipline of a few soldiers who, by their shameful behaviour, have let down those tens of thousands of soldiers who have worked, and still do, in difficult and dangerous conditions in the most commendable way to help the Iraqis to a new and better future.ťAll allegations of unlawful conduct are properly and fully investigated, and if needs be, the due process of law is applied. "The British Army has extremely high standards and applies its discipline with rigour. This means that when, very regrettably, a handful of soldiers take the law into their own hands in this way, they will be pursued by the process of justice."

One British officer serving in Iraq added: "Everyone is disgusted and can hardly believe what these thugs have allegedly done. It is totally against the spirit of all that the British Army has done and is doing out here. "They have disgraced their comrades, their regiment and country. I have no sympathy."


1. Answer the following questions using your own words. (2 points)

a. Is General Jackson angry? Why?

b. What is it feared after these pictures appeared?

2. Are the following statements true or false? (1 point)

a. The British Army is not in Bsra after the events:

b. The British Army has quickly responded against those facts:

3. Find a word or phrase in the text which, in context, is similar in meaning to: (1point)

a. Quick: b. Fellows:

4. Choose a, b or c in each question below. Only one choice is correct. (2 points)

1. Michael Jackson is

a. a pop singer.

b. a military man.

c. a member of parliament.

2. What can be seen in the pictures can be defined as

a. fantastic.

b. a lie.

c. shameful.

3. The British Army

a. will take legal action against the soldiers involved.

b. will report it to Tony Blair.

c. will not tell the Queen about it.

4. These pictures

a. show the standard behaviour of all the British Army.

b. damage the image of all the British Army.

c. damage the image of the Iraqis.

5. Composition (100-150 words) Give your opinion about the facts shown in the text. (4 points)

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Test 4
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