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PostSubject: Future   Wed 1 Mar - 6:32

Fill in the verbs in the will-future into the gaps.

Example: The weather ______ nice at the weekend. (to be)
Answer: The weather will be nice at the weekend.

1. Tomorrow it ______ ______ in the North. (to rain)
2. My friend ______ ______ 12 next Wednesday. (to be)
3. The pupils ______ ______ good marks in the test. (to get)
4. My father ______ ______ to work hard tonight. (to have)
5. Our class ______ ______ in a quiz show. (to take part)
6. There ______ ______ lots of accidents in that weather. (to happen)
7. I ______ ______ you tonight. (to see)
8. The people ______ ______ lots of cheap clothes. (to buy)

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PostSubject: Re: Future   Tue 7 Mar - 16:06

1. will rain.
2. will be
3. will get
4. will have
5. will take part
6. will happen
7. will see
8. wil buy
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PostSubject: Correction   Tue 7 Mar - 16:51

Hello and happy women's day sunny

flower Well done Oumsoufiane and welcome on board flower

The only magic is perseverance
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PostSubject: Re: Future   

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