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PostSubject: GRAMMAR HELP   Sun 25 May - 6:50

Write this sentence in five ways as instructed:
As soon as sun rose , we left
(1. Immediately after 2. no sooner than 3. No sooner did 4. no sooner had 5. Hardly had)

Write these sentences as instructed:
The manager told the client to leave immediately and come next day. (direct speech)
The children shouted excitedly they were going for a picnic ( direct speech)
It was too hot to drive ( use so)
He is too old to be a guard. ( use so)
Very few towns in Up are as hot as Agra ( write in superlative and comparative degree)
No other book is as interesting as this one (write in superlative and comparative degree)
They were so sincere that they won ( too)
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