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 Second part of the uses of the verb "to pull" comb

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Second part of the uses of the verb "to pull" comb Empty
PostSubject: Second part of the uses of the verb "to pull" comb   Second part of the uses of the verb "to pull" comb EmptyTue 28 Mar - 9:45

Hello, sunny

Let's continue with our phrasal verbs. Here is the second part of
the verb 'to pull' combined with particles. These are some of the
most common:

1. 'to pull out' means to extract something.

It was very painful. The dentist pulled out two of my teeth.
Somebody had pulled some pages out of the book.

2. 'to pull out of' means decide not to continue with an activity
or agreement.

We signed a contract. We can't pull out of the deal.
They pulled out of the negotiations after only two hours.

3. 'to pull out' is used when a vehicle is driven out of a place into
the road.

I didn't see the man on the bicycle as I was pulling out of the car
The car pulled out in front of the bus.

4. 'to pull over' means to drive a car to the side of the road.

The car was making a strange noise so I pulled over to have a look
at it.
I pulled over to ask someone the way.

5. 'to pull through' means recover after a serious illness.

The doctor came to tell me that he would pull through.
Nobody thought he'd pull through after the accident.

6. 'to pull yourself together' means to regain control of your

Stop crying. It's time to pull yourself together.
He took a long time to pull himself together.

7. 'to pull together' means to cooperate and work as a group to
achieve something.

We can do this, if we all pull together.
We have to pull together during difficult times.

8. 'to pull up' is used when a car slows down and stops.

It started to rain just as we pulled up in front of the restaurant.
A taxi pulled up just as I came out of the airport.

9. 'to pull up' a chair means you move it in order to sit down.

Come and join us. Pull up a chair.
He pulled up a chair and sat down.

10. 'to pull up' also means to criticise someone when they make a mistake.

If you make a mistake, they will pull you up on it every time.
He's always pulling me up on my grammar.

Have a nice day. queen

The only magic is perseverance
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Second part of the uses of the verb "to pull" comb
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