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 Expressions using "up"

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Expressions using "up" Empty
PostSubject: Expressions using "up"   Expressions using "up" EmptySun 26 Feb - 4:27

Hello again sunny ,

I know that you might have become fed up Embarassed with using "up" but what to do Rolling Eyes I sitll have a lot of things to add study . So, let's continue with expressions using 'up'.

1. If you make a mess, you need to 'clear it up'.

It was your party. You clear up the mess.
Don't expect me to clear up after you.

2. If you need some support, you need somebody to 'back you up'.

If you report it, I'll back you up.
Nobody would back me up when I complained.

3. If there is none left, you have 'used it all up'.

The ketchup bottle is empty. We must have used it all up.
We must stop for petrol (or gas!) . We've used it all up.

4. On a special occasion, you put on fine clothes - you 'dress up'.

Do we need to dress up for the party?
I like dressing up and going somewhere fancy.

5. If you fall behind in your studies, you need to 'catch up'.

He was ill for two months and is struggling to catch up.
I need to put in some work to catch up on what I missed.

6. If you go to bed late, you 'stay up'.

My student daughter stays up until 3 every day.
I cannot stay up late. I've got to start early tomorrow.

7. Perhaps my daughter's parents didn't 'bring her up' correctly.

She was brought up very strictly.
He's been very well brought up.

8. When it's time to finish drinking, you tell everybody to 'drink

Drink up. We have to leave now.
It's time to go so drink up.

9. If you like vegetables as I do, you 'eat them all up' and don't
leave any on your plate.

If you eat up all your carrots, you can have some ice cream.
I ate up all the chocolate that we had.

10. If you need some information, you should 'look it up' on Google.

I looked up the name of the capital of Scotland. It is not Glasgow.
Can you look up his phone number for me, please?

Good luck flower

The only magic is perseverance
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Expressions using "up"
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