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 More with "out"

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More with "out" Empty
PostSubject: More with "out"   More with "out" EmptyTue 2 May - 15:34

Hello everyone, sunny

I guess we were able to rest during this long weekend. One doesn't always have that nice opportunity to have Monday as a day off. Cool, we could escape the Monday blues. Very Happy

Here comes today's lesson dealing with "out":

1. If you 'shut out' a noise or light you prevent it from being
heard or seen. You can also 'shut out' emotions and feelings,
usually painful ones.

We need to close the curtains and shut out the light.
You will have to try to shut out those painful memories.

2. If you don't include somebody in an activity, you 'shut them
out'. In the US, if you prevent the other team from scoring, you
have 'shut them out'.

They claim that women are shut out from the key decision posts.
The Yankees shut out the Red Sox.

3. If you 'storm out', you leave angrily.

He stormed out of the meeting with an angry look on his face.
Don't storm out. Stay and explain to us why you are so upset.

4. If you 'try something out', you test it to see if it is

I want to try out this restaurant before we invite clients there.
The company are trying out a new security system.

5. If you 'cry out', you shout or make a loud noise.

He cried out in pain.
He was so frightened that he cried out for help.

6. In informal English, if something 'is crying out for' something,
it needs it urgently.

The company is crying out for better leadership.
The factory is crying out for modernization.

7. If you 'hand out' something, you give it to everybody in the

Don't take notes. I'll hand out a summary later.
We could try handing out some promotional leaflets in the street.

8. If you 'hand out' advice, criticism, a punishment etc., you give
it to somebody (who usually doesn't want to receive it.)

She's good at handing out criticism but she can't take it.
He's always handing out advice but he doesn't really know what he's
talking about.

9. If you 'invite somebody out' you ask them to go with you to some
pleasant event.

I've been invited out to dinner by an old friend.
He invited me out to the cinema but I was too tired and went back
to my hotel room.

10. If you 'wear something out', you use it to the point where it
becomes weak or damaged.

My brakes have worn out. I need new ones urgently.
I've worn out my shoes shopping for the perfect dress.

Have a cool week. flower


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More with "out"
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