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 More expressions with "out"

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More expressions with "out" Empty
PostSubject: More expressions with "out"   More expressions with "out" EmptyWed 10 May - 5:44

Hello dear friends, sunny

I am so sorry for not posting for such a long time. As you may know the school year is about to end and during this period we are usually very busy preparing tests and finishing programs.

Anyway, here you find more expressions with "out":

1. If you 'burst out', you suddenly say something. If you 'burst
out laughing', you suddenly start to laugh. If you have an
'outburst', you express your feelings (usually anger) strongly.

I burst out laughing when I saw Derek wearing his kilt.
He suddenly burst out crying when I told him he had lost his job.

2. If you 'call somebody out', you ask them to come to help you.

We called out the fire brigade because the situation was so
I was called out in the middle of the night because the computer
system went down.

3. If you 'call out', you say something loudly.

If you know the answer, just call it out.
I called out your name but you couldn't have heard me.

4. If you 'carry out' a task, you do something you were told or
agreed to do.

We need to carry out a survey to see what people really want.
I didn't think he would carry out his threat to resign.

5. If you 'clear out' a place, you remove all the unwanted items.

We cleared out the old storeroom and turned it into an office.
You're fired. Clear out your desk and leave the premises.

6. If you 'wear somebody out' , you make them very tired.

I'm worn out from all the business trips I take.
Running two offices in Milan and New York is enough to wear anybody

7. If you 'work something out', you make a calculation or make a
plan and a decision.

I need to work out the new prices for next year's catalogue.
We need to work out an agreement between our companies.

8. If something unpleasant or bad 'breaks out', it starts.

The fire broke out in the warehouse.
A fight broke out in the canteen when somebody tried to jump the

9. If you 'drop out' of an activity, you stop doing it.

We dropped out of the bidding for the new contract because we were
going to make a loss.
I've dropped out of the planning committee because I don't have the

10. If you 'fall out' with someone, you have an argument with them.

Harry and I have fallen out about the plans for the new building.
I don't want to fall out with you but I strongly disagree.

Have a nice day. flower


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More expressions with "out"
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