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 More on "go"

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PostSubject: More on "go"   More on "go" EmptySat 4 Mar - 16:01

Hello everyone, sunny

Here is the next lesson about using the verb 'to go' combined with particles. Here are some more of the most common expressions:

1. 'to go down' means to get smaller or decrease.

They are much cheaper than before. The price has gone down by at
least ten percent.
The price of laptop computers has gone down considerably over the
last five years.

2. 'to go down' can also mean be received or be reacted to.

Everybody laughed. I think my speech went down well.
The news didn't go down well. Everyone is now worried about their

3. 'to go for' means to choose.

He doesn't like spending money so he went for the cheapest option.
We have decided to go for the house in Dunbar Street. It's lovely.

4. 'to go in' means to enter.

He went in his office and closed the door.
She didn't knock on the door, she just went in.

5. 'to go in' can also mean to fit in something.

I've got too many clothes. They won't go in my suitcase.
The sofa is too big. It won't go in the sitting room.

6. 'to go into' means to describe something in detail.

We can talk about the problem later. I don't want to go ;into it
We don't have time to go into all the details.

7. 'to go into' can also mean to enter a place.

She often goes into that shop and tries on lots of clothes but
never buys anything.
We'll go into the sitting room. We'll be more comfortable there.

8. 'to go off' means to stop functioning (of a light, electricity
or heating).

I was only half way up the stairs when the light went off.
The heating goes off at midnight and comes back on before we get up.

9. 'to go off' can also mean to stop liking someone or something.

I used to love this café but I've gone off it since the waiter
I don't want to do it now. I've gone off the idea.

10. 'to go off' can also mean to decay or go bad.

I think the milk has gone off. It smells.
Don't eat it, it has gone off.

Have a nice weekend queen

The only magic is perseverance
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PostSubject: Re: More on "go"   More on "go" EmptySat 11 Mar - 9:48

study study study study study study study study study study Whenever I mention the fact that laptop computers prices have gone down, Queenglish seems to enjoy that discourse. bounce Anyway, I've just used one of the "go forms".
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More on "go"
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