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 verbs and expressions with 'out'

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verbs and expressions with 'out' Empty
PostSubject: verbs and expressions with 'out'   verbs and expressions with 'out' EmptyWed 19 Apr - 17:33

Hello everyone,

Today's lesson continues our study of expressions using 'out'.

1. If you 'show somebody out', you show them to the door out of the

My secretary will show you out.
Could you show Ms Smith out?

2. If you 'set out', you start a journey or activity.

We need to set out early if we want to get there in time for lunch.
I set out to be an architect but ended up a zoologist.

3. To 'set out' can also mean to give all the details or a full

She set out all the facts clearly in her presentation.
The contract clearly sets out your terms of employment.

4. If you 'cross something out', you draw a line through it because
it is wrong.

You can't just cross out things you don't like in the contract. We
need to retype it.
Just cross out her name and put your own in its place.

5. If you 'miss out' on something, you don't get something that you
would like that other people get.

I missed out on the bonus because I'd not met my sales targets.
There are some real bargains in the sales. Make sure you don't miss

6. If you 'pass out', you lose consciousness.

He had too much to drink and passed out.
It was so hot that I thought I was going to pass out.

7. If you 'pass something out', you distribute it to people in the

I'm going to pass out a copy of the letter for you to study.
Could someone pass out these papers, please?

8. If you 'point someone or something out', you indicate where
they are, either by speaking or by pointing your finger.

If Diana is at this party, I'll point her out to you.
Martin pointed out several mistakes I had made.

9. If you 'point something out', you tell them a fact they did not
know, usually relevant to the current discussion.

Harry pointed out that our sale in China were rising rapidly.
I must point out that this new system has several disadvantages.

10. If you 'share something out', you divide it into smaller
amounts and give one part to each person.

We shared out the bonus between seven of us.
You need to share out the work equally between you.

Have a nice day queen

The only magic is perseverance
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verbs and expressions with 'out'
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