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 Phrasal Verbs

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Idea Phrasal verbs can be taught to students in the time of warm up.

Here are some examples for the ones who want to try it out.

1. 'to look on' means to watch something happen.

The Police just looked on as the demonstrators marched peacefully
through the streets.
Nobody helped me. They just looked on as I struggled to get up off
the street.

2. 'to look on' also means to consider someone or something in a
special way.

We are very close. I look on him as my brother.
Don't look on not getting the job as a failure. It's not.

3. 'look out' means be careful. It is always an order.

Look out! The boss is coming.
Look out! You're going to fall.

4. 'to look out for ' means to watch carefully around you so you
will notice something or someone in particular.

When you go to the conference, look out for Anna. She will be there.
Janet is twenty next week. Can you look out for a present when you
are in the shops?

5. 'to look out for' can also mean to take care of someone.

Will is a great brother. He always looks out for his sisters.
She's very selfish. She just looks out for herself.

6. 'to look over' means to quickly examine something.

At the end of the exam, I only had a few minutes to look over what
I had written.
The doctor quickly looked him over before sending him for an x-ray.

7. 'to look round' means to walk through a building or place to
have a look at it.

When you travel on business, you don't have time to look round the
places you visit.
The first time we looked round the house, we knew it was the house

8. \'to look through\' means to quickly examine a text or some things.

I decided to give half my clothes away when I had looked through
We looked through the list of applicants and made a shortlist of
the six best qualified.

9. \'to look up\' means to find a piece of information in a book or
other source of information.

I didn\'t know the word so I looked it up in the dictionary.
I looked their address up in the Yellow Pages.

10. \'to look up to\' means to respect and admire someone.

My father\'s wonderful. He\'s the person I most look up to.
All his employees look up to him and admire him.

Good luck afro
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Phrasal Verbs
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