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 Uses of "to make" combined with particles

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Uses of "to make" combined with particles Empty
PostSubject: Uses of "to make" combined with particles   Uses of "to make" combined with particles EmptySun 26 Feb - 17:41

Good evening,

Tonight we are going to look at the verb 'to make' combined with particles. Here are some more of the most common expressions:

1. 'to make for' means to go on the direction of.

He got up and made for the exit.
When he came into the room, he made straight for me.

2. 'to make of' means think of, have an opinion about.

He's a complete mystery to me. I don't know what to make of him.
What do you make of his new girlfriend?

3. 'to make off' means to leave somewhere very quickly, often to escape.

The car didn't stop after the accident but made off at speed
towards the town centre.
He snatched her bag and made off down the street through the crowd.

4. 'to make off with' means to steal and escape with something.

The thieves made off with over one million dollars in cash.
They broke into the house and made off with jewellery and silver.

5. 'to make out' means to manage to be able to see or hear something.

He was speaking very quietly. I couldn't make out what he was
It was too dark to see. I couldn't make him out clearly.

6. 'to make out' can also mean to pretend that something is true.

He made out he was very rich when, in fact, he wasn't.
She often makes out she is the boss when, really, she is only an

7. 'to make up your mind' means to decide.

I bought them both because I couldn't make up my mind which one to
Make your mind up! Which one do you want?

8. 'to make up' means to say or write something that is not true,
to invent a story.

It wasn't true at all. They just made it up.
I told him I couldn't go and made up an excuse.

9. 'to make up' can also mean to forgive someone and become
friendly with again after an argument.

We had a huge argument and but made up later.
Half the fun of arguing is making up afterwards!

10. 'to make up for' means to compensate for something bad that
they have done or that has happened.

He bought me some flowers to make up for being late.
What can I do to make up for forgetting your birthday?

So, don't be lazy Sleep and make use of this stuff. afro

The only magic is perseverance
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Uses of "to make" combined with particles
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