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 MELTA (Moroccan English Lge Teachers Assembly

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MELTA (Moroccan English Lge Teachers Assembly Empty
PostSubject: MELTA (Moroccan English Lge Teachers Assembly   MELTA (Moroccan English Lge Teachers Assembly EmptyThu 12 Jun - 6:14

MELTA (Moroccan English Lge Teachers Assembly Melta10

Moroccan English Language Teachers Assembly

The accronym MELTA stands for Moroccan English Language Teachers Assembly. It is an open webspace where different teachers meet, discuss and reflect on some of the TEFL issues. Not only does MELTA allow teachers to further develop their TEFL skills and competencies, but it triggers their will and desire to be creative and innovative as well. In fact, teachers are like anti-virus programs; the more up-dated they are, the more productive they stay. Below are some of the objectives MELTA tends to achieve.

By the end of their subscription, MELTA expects its members to:

* Edit their own profile (adding picture, signature ...)
* Say something about themselves to the existing members of the Assembly (INTRODUCTION section)
* Read the ongoing posted messages on the different categories.
* Interact with others through posting new topics or replying to posted ones.
* Post topics that include either worksheets, lesson plans, activities, books or CDroms.
* Chat with online members.
* Participate in online workshops, presentations or newsletters.
* Suggest ideas or Post requests in the appropriate sections.
* Pay MELTA a visit every now and then.

* Spread the message.

Remember our motto is:


Our website can be reached via these two links


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MELTA (Moroccan English Lge Teachers Assembly
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